Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blind Optimism

"Hilary's [Clinton] nothing if not an optimist: she sees the pantsuit as half full." ---David Letterman; 20 May 2008


Niharika B said...

quite an interesting perspective david letterman shows us here.quite different from the usual cliche`d ones.

and thanks a lot for helping me out on that previous post of did lend a different viewpoint towards how one can view life.
i must tell you that at this point in my life i have little faith in the supernatural,not because of any life-changing incidents that may have occured,but mainly because i'm not able to convince myself to believe in anything that i don't know much about.but i kno one thing for sure,that with time,experience and age i will surely turn towards my own faith,like my dad did.

C. Marie Byars said...

Well, God bless you on your journey. We leave those matters to the Holy Spirit to work within people: no one can be forced into belief & no one should try to do it. Christianity, itself, requires belief in some unique teachings: the belief in personal sinfulness (as opposed to believing people are basically "good"), a willingness to rely on someone outside of oneself ("Jesus") to clean one's moral slate (as opposed to trying to work things out with the divinity on one's own) & etc. So, those are not easy things. I will visit you at your site, too, though! I've just been too busy to get back to you!