Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Better Deal?

Looks like the catch phrase for the Democrats' new priorities borrows from FDR's "New Deal."  Maybe a little even from TR's "Square Deal."  (Which FDR had borrowed from himself.)

It's pretty decent for a first effort.  The desire to raise minimum wage that much nationwide that quickly might backfire; it might just turn into something else the middle class pays for in higher proportion.

I'm also not sure why they didn't go ahead and talk about taxing the 1% at a higher rate, something between 40-45%.  (See other articles in this blog on that matter, as well as googling the idea in Forbes, Fortune & Business Insider.)

It's the sort of thing that harkens back to the old-school deal-making between the parties (such as McCain recently referred to in regards to healthcare).  The Democrats put forth something somewhat more pro-labor and economically liberal. The Republicans counter with something somewhat more pro-business and restrictive. Then the parties hammer something out much closer to the center.  [There are signs, after all this brokenness, volatility and hostility in Congress that we're headed back in this direction.]

Overall, I'm glad to see that the DNC is not making the Cultural Wars a priority. They're sure to lose if they try to force societal liberalism across the country. Especially when it leaks out that too many hard-core liberals are dismissive of conservative social values, even in regards to social conservatives who would practice outward tolerance.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Big Reason for Low Congressional Ratings

How Newt Gingrich Crippled Congress

If you don't trust this source, you can cross-reference Gingrich's history in The Christian Science Monitor, a publication generally considered to be close to center.

Saturday, July 1, 2017


Independent Spirit

For this Fourth of July, an homage to President Theodore Roosevelt and The Flag:

Mt. Rushmore National Monument
Rapid City, SD

Theodore Roosevelt Statue
Outdoor Walking Gallery of Presidential Statues
Rapid City, SD
(that's Theodore Roosevelt Orange Soda)

Cove Neck, Long Island, NY