Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Better Deal?

Looks like the catch phrase for the Democrats' new priorities borrows from FDR's "New Deal."  Maybe a little even from TR's "Square Deal."  (Which FDR had borrowed from himself.)

It's pretty decent for a first effort.  The desire to raise minimum wage that much nationwide that quickly might backfire; it might just turn into something else the middle class pays for in higher proportion.

I'm also not sure why they didn't go ahead and talk about taxing the 1% at a higher rate, something between 40-45%.  (See other articles in this blog on that matter, as well as googling the idea in Forbes, Fortune & Business Insider.)

It's the sort of thing that harkens back to the old-school deal-making between the parties (such as McCain recently referred to in regards to healthcare).  The Democrats put forth something somewhat more pro-labor and economically liberal. The Republicans counter with something somewhat more pro-business and restrictive. Then the parties hammer something out much closer to the center.  [There are signs, after all this brokenness, volatility and hostility in Congress that we're headed back in this direction.]

Overall, I'm glad to see that the DNC is not making the Cultural Wars a priority. They're sure to lose if they try to force societal liberalism across the country. Especially when it leaks out that too many hard-core liberals are dismissive of conservative social values, even in regards to social conservatives who would practice outward tolerance.

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