Friday, July 7, 2017

Oh, Really?

Apparently Putin is feeling a little smug about creating chaos in The West.  He thinks people will become disillusioned with democracy, taking the edge off the opposition in his country pushing for more democracy.

Well, too bad.  We may have our issues, but Russia has some significant alcohol and drug abuse issues, too.

Russia's economy isn't doing so well.  They have had trouble diversifying beyond natural resources, such as oil.  They have too much corruption and too little structure.

In two years, we may be able to dump some of the senators and congressman in legal, organized elections.  In four years, we may be able to dump the executive.  They'll still be stuck with Putin, in some fashion, although his job titles change occasionally. 

Maybe some of the really unhappy, discontented White supremacists would really like to go to Russia, if we could work it out.  It's pretty monolithic, so maybe they'd like that. Not a lot of multi-culturalism to navigate. And we'd lose one source of our discontent.  Maybe it would just create more happiness for more people.

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