Monday, July 3, 2017

Wow! 42-Redux

There's pretty much nothing I agree with Steve Bannon (White House counsel-in-chief; former executive-in-chief of the alt-right Breitbart) about.  His use of the alt-right to stir up racial animosity has been detestable.  I am mystified and repulsed by his simultaneous radical Zionism along with anti-Semitism.  And his harsh anti-Muslim sentiments risk amping up warfare beyond our already stretched limits.

And, yet, there are some better notions of his not being reported much.  He's actually for a tax increase on the wealthy, moving the top 1% into a tax bracket over 40%  See my link,
Believe Me Now? , as well as several others scattered through this site.  He's trying to convince the Prez, apparently, to raise taxes on the rich so that he can create a truly populist tax decrease on the middle and poorer classes.

Apparently, Bannon also pleaded with the Prez not to fire Comey.  It seems he realized how badly this would backfire.


C. Marie Byars said...

I'm also not fond of the entire alt-right for being "in bed" with Putin & Russia. The FBI now thinks some of their involvement may even have been treasonous!

C. Marie Byars said...

Grover Norquist has his knickers in a wad. Must be a good thing
Norquist is crying that the rich would be mistreated.
By some twisted logic , he also says that this would somehow lead to the middle class being mistreated as the government spends more on them

C. Marie Byars said...

Kansas has now joined Louisiana in figuring out that Supply Side economics DEFINITELY has its limitations. Carried on too long or to extremes, it backfires. Why can't the national promoters of this nonsense just STOP?!?!?!?!?