Tuesday, August 29, 2017

No Duh!

Well, this was a "No 'doo-doo', Sherlock" moment.  The street ends in a T-intersection, with a mountain looming behind.  Yet, the city apparently needed the "Dead End" sign!!!  😆😄😃

Cultural Appropriation???

OK, so can I be offended, as a bona fide 100% German-American (though I might have a tiny slice of Jewish in me), about this?!?!?!?  😏😉  Real Lederhosen and a faux Bavarian dress in the costume section of Goodwill!!! 

Or should I be flattered that you all just want to be like us!?!?! 😗😉

What about "my" sauerkraut?  (You can have the German chocolate cake... it's not really German.)

OK.. one thing that is NOT ok:  white supremacists coopting my "father-tongue" (as Germans would put it) for their propaganda.  I speak my ancestral lingo, and I am totally NOT ok with that!!!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Dangerous Curve

"The Laffer Curve is no laughing matter."  --C. Marie Byars

The Laffer Curve is what Reganomics/Trickle-down economics (aka, the tax reducing aspect of "supply side" economics) is based on.  

See my many links on "economics" in this blog to see how foolish this is and/or what some better options would be.  

Actually, lowering business taxes, as a trial matter, anyway, might be smart. Especially if it were coupled with some expectations that CEO salaries couldn't exceed a certain percentage of the average worker's salary.  (As below, see the new book, The CEO Pay Machine,  by Steven Clifford.)

The Pitfalls of Libertarianism

(aka:  "The United States of Koch Brothers")

(1)  This has never been a Libertarian country.  No matter what libertarians try to say about the early days and the Founding Fathers, it never was.  

(2)  Even if it had a bit more of a Libertarian bent in the early decades, that would no longer work, practically, in today's society. Things have changed. At the time of our founding, we were much more rural.  And if people ran out of space or wanted second chances or wanted to try to "get ahead", they often moved further west, where they could homestead.  (I'm not going to argue the ethics here about whether they should have taken land from Native Americans.  I'm only presenting what happened.)

(3)  When we were more rural, there was less social unrest. And those who were still rural could insulate themselves from a lot of it.  Now that we're living on top of each other in cities and sizeable towns, we can't do that.  If only for self-interest, there has to be some sort of safety net.  The alternative is to spend a lot more on law enforcement and incarceration.

(This is not to argue to liberal opposite that we must try to equalize income.  That would be socialism.  Of course, there are leaders on the Right that want to talk about any increase on taxes on the 1% for the public good as "socialism."  I know this for a fact because I went to see my congressman, Representative Trent Franks, in person [knowing it was probably a lost cause but doing so, anyway] armed with facts, and he tried bringing up the "s" word.  I shot that down... there was a long time that the top earners paid higher taxes in the 20th Century. And they lived through it... quite well, in fact.)

(4)  The Koch Brothers, when you read their stuff thoroughly, would truly like to work their way down to a 0% tax rate.  Think about that, if it really happens.  No public roads, no public libraries, no student loans, no public education, no consistency from one state to another.  Talk about your roving hoards in that scenario...

(5)  Kansas was so bankrupt from trying the Koch Brothers-Laffer [see above post]-Grover Norquist-type supply-side tax reductions that some schools couldn't even finish the 2016/2017 school year.  Yeah, increasing an under-educated, under-paid portion of society is always a good thing.... especially now that we live on top of each other!

(6)  Maybe some of the uber-wealthy are planning to build compounds to protect themselves from the social unrest.  However, when there's less money from the middle class being spent on the stuff that rich people's corporations put out, it's going to hit them, too. Because all this WILL shrink the middle class, or at least its buying power.  See the many links to economics in this blog.

(7)  Read the new book The CEO Pay Machine:  How It Trashes America and How to Stop It, by Steven Clifford, himself a former CEO.  Trust me, just read it.

(8)  The Koch Brothers are really Libertarians, trying to worm their way into the GOP because Libertarianism never got anyone elected.  (In fact, one of them was once on the Libertarian ticket as a vice presidential candidate.)  They really aren't social conservative; they're just happy to use the social conservatives to get their way.  (They'll pose as Centrists when it works for them, because Libertarians tend to avoid the Culture Wars by expressing "live and let live" ideas.)

As Libertarians, they are pro-choice.  (Or as many social conservatives would phrase it, they're "pro-abortion.")  In my more cynical moments, I wonder if their grand scheme is to offer, and even promote, abortion for the poorer in society so no one would have to pay for services for them.  (A return to Margaret Sanger's "eugenics"??)  

(9)  The Koch Brothers, who are late 70s (one pushing 80) will probably not be around to see all the havoc they've promoted, if their views hold sway.    But WE will all live with it.... including my son, whom I'm wondering if there will even be a decent student loan program for him to go to college on.

(10)  TEDDY ROOSEVELT STYLE REPUBLICANISM.  Balance between what business/labor/environmental concerns!!!!!  That should be more of a common goal as Americans.

Statues of Presidents, downtown Rapid City, SD, near Mount Rushmore

Friday, August 25, 2017

False Labels

There are libertarians out there trying to call themselves "Centrists."  Don't buy it.  It's just the same old libertarianism that the Koch Brothers couldn't launch without buying off a lot of the Republican Party, nor could Gary Johnson sell it in 2016.  

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Found this on another site mildly amusing.  (Do NOT take me or the author, I'm sure, as people who would literally torch mansions, however!!!)


Just some reminders of where I've been & what I've done:

Thursday, August 17, 2017


     I just want to remind everyone that Moses's 2nd wife was probably Black. See Numbers 12:1--she was a Cushite, an Ethiopian. His first wife, Zipporah, was a Middle Eastern Midianite, more closely related to the Israelites? So, some people in this world need to get a grip.
       How did Moses meet her? Maybe she left Egypt with them. Exodus suggest some other people attached themselves to the Israelites and their God and left with them.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Real Help for the Middle Class

If our leaders REALLY wanted to see salaries raised for the middle class in general, the so-called "working class" in particular, they'd do this:

GIVE A TAX BREAK TO CORPORATIONS THAT HAVE A HIGHER AVERAGE WORKER TO CEO SALARY RATIO.  Those that insist on paying their skimming CEOs exorbitant salaries wouldn't get the break.

Immigration may irritate some workers and have them think that's the sole problem. It's more the refusal for those at the top to take less so that their workers could have more. (That's what feeds into paying immigrants lower wages.) It really isn't like CEOs "deserve" it like they & corporations claim. It's because one company jacks up CEO salaries, then the others follow suit and it comes to be expected. Then a corporation that wants to stand out jacks it up even further, etc.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Very Grand Canyon

There may be larger canyons around the world, but ours is very grand.  The kids & I recently went to the less-travelled North Rim, which is higher in elevation.

We also saw Roosevelt Point on the North Rim:

Here's a picture from October, 2010, when I took them to the South Rim:

(Both times, my husband had either work or study obligations.  But he & I went to the South Rim a few years ago for our wedding anniversary.)