Monday, November 16, 2009

Laymen's Guide to Pregnancy Terms

Baby Most common pop song lyric
Baby Shower Actually, baths are recommended
Birth Canal Formerly known as "Love Canal"
Booties What's shakin' at the club
Cesarean Section Where Julius always sat at the Coliseum
Coach How you can afford to fly after Baby comes
Cravings Why you're sold on "Ben" and "Jerry" for baby names
Delivery Pizza or Chinese?
Due Date Librarians' top concern
Engorged Why your cups runneth over
Fatigue French for "overweight"
Fertilization Why you're growing at this rapid rate
Fetus "We're hungry!"
Genes What you won't be fitting into for awhile
Heartbeat Amount of time it takes to get pregnant
Lamaze L.A. Freeways
Maternity Synonym for "achy & tired"
Morning Sickness Bringing up dinner at breakfast
2 O'Clock Feedings No, not late lunches with "the girls"
Placenta Italian food made from cornmeal
Rocker Bowie, Jagger, Van Halen, etc.
Stretch Marks Groucho's taller brother
Umbilical Cord A real love connection
Vitamins Great Supplement to pickles & ice cream
Womb The best prenatal unit there is!

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