Thursday, June 29, 2017

More on "Ted, Jr."

If you read this blog much, you'll see I'm fond of many of President Theodore Roosevelt's positions and actions.  But I'm probably more fond of his son, Ted Jr., as an unsung hero.

Here's another nice link, which includes a book I recently read.

The Full-Hearted Life of Ted Roosevelt, Jr.

BTW, Ted counted Harpo Marx, among others, as a friend.

Mad Hatter

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Gotta post this link again on President Theodore Roosevelt's eldest son, a real D-Day hero!

Brigadier General Ted Roosevelt, Jr.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

What's in YOUR Covfefe?

"Turkish Covfefe":  When you're the only NATO head of nation congratulating Erdogan for steps towards dictatorship.

"Organic Covfefe": When that fertilizer you're slinging around wasn't made by Monsanto, if you catch my (smelly) drift.

"Covfefe House":  When you abandon your government-provided mansion every weekend and soak it the taxpayers by staying at your private resort.

"Covfefe Liqueur": What Sara Huckabee Sanders [formerly Sean Spicer] needs a swig of when he comes out to explain things.

"Automatic Drip Covfefe":  Our future when most of us are unemployed or underemployed "drips" because most jobs are automated. 
     Liberal entrepreneurs feel a minimum income will solve this. But consumption without productivity will lead to more drug & alcohol abuse and probably more depression & other mental health issues.  (So, there's the "jab" to the other wing.)

"Truckstop Covfefe":  When you're about to get the shaft again after a decade of suppressed wages because you thought the Head Covfefe-Brewer was a "regular guy" who really cared about you!  Double shaft-- it's going towards "Automatic Drip" Covfefe for you, too!

"Covfefe au Lait":  When you've "milked" your supposed businessman's cred for all it's worth.  ("Some" people would have been better investing in an S & P Index fund than pretending to be real estate moguls.)

"French Roast Covfefe": When the French President addresses the world (and you) from Paris in English, and it's not to express his great admiration.

"Guatemalan Covfefe":  The type of Covfefe we're headed for:  The distribution of income remains highly unequal with the richest 20% of the population accounting for more than 51% of Guatemala's overall consumption. More than half of the population is below the national poverty line, and 23% of the population lives in extreme poverty.

"Ethiopian Covfefe":  A Covfefe we ignore too much. 

"Nicaraguan Covfefe":  When you want to join the ranks of those not in the Paris Accord.

"Venezuelan Covfefe":  When you congratulate your rich cronies at Goldman-Sachs for profiteering from bailing out and propping up a government that impoverishes its people.

"Cuban Covfefe":   When you, like Kennedy, don't really know what to order. [cf. "Bay of Pigs" and "Obama normalizing relations"  A two-fer jab at BOTH wings!]

"Air Force One Covfefe":  "Covfefe, tea or ME, ME, ME, ME, ME?!?!?!?!?!?"

                                                                                      ----Marie Byars

*The Koch Brothers and the President are actually kind of "frenemies."  A lot of people forget that the Koch's aren't terribly fond of the President &  haven't given him campaign funds.