Wednesday, January 10, 2018


As I've said in connection with this ill-advised tax plan: the cost of borrowing is going to go up.  Sure enough, and it's happening even more quickly than I thought.  Investors are demanding higher yields for government bonds.  That's going to cost the government more to borrow.

This may drive interest rates up all across the board.  That may hurt the precious stock market climb, which some politicians are trying to use as their way of saying they're doing a good job.  This may bring the big "correction" to the market.

It could be a better thing for traditional bank savings, though.  I've been thinking that promoting bank savings once again would be great. But since the 80s, things have been very skewed towards the stock market.

Higher interest could also slow down consumer spending, since much of the middle class is buying things with a big debt load. This will slow the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth rate, not accelerate it the way the Republicans touted.

Republicans, especially since the 80s, have grown more & more short-sighted when it comes to the economy. They're not the economic whizzes they make themselves out to be.  In fact, they ignore the advice of a lot of thoughtful economists to follow those few at the margins who will agree with them about tax cuts being the answer to everything.  They repeatedly wreck markets this way.

When George H.W. Bush, running against Reagan in the GOP primaries in 1980, called Supply
Side Economics (aka "Reaganomics" or "Trickle Down Economics") "Voo-doo Economics", he was right. But Bush I back-pedaled on this when he ran in '88
, trying to ride Reagan's coattails. It's a shame, too; I was hoping he'd reverse this bad trend.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Dave Berry Year in Review

Once again, Dave Berry breaks down the lunacy of the year that was. But this was one of the looniest years in recent memory!

Dave Barry’s 2017 Year in Review: Did that really happen?

Friday, December 22, 2017

Just Lame

Crazy.... rich Republicans went door-to-door trying to popularize their little-liked tax plan.  (Wonder if they picked up some techniques from the ACORN group they loved to hate? 😉)

Door-to -Door Tax Cut Salesmen

Still didn't work, so the Koch Brothers are on board trying to sell it AFTER it passed.  Which is not something usually done. 

Koch's Trying to Sell Lame Tax Bill

It's "The Emperor's New Clothes"--- voters see this is primarily a give-away for the rich.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Chamber Secrets

Term limits by sexual harassment... what couldn't be accomplished by Congress limiting themselves is coming about by Congress not limiting itself.  😅     ---Marie Byars

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Onward, Christmas Warrior

Although Christian, I am beyond tired of hearing about the so-called "War on Christmas."  Now, with the Pope in Chief to Evangelicals (TM) all but mandating we say "Merry Christmas", I'm rebelling.  I don't want this seemingly fraudulent Don-Johnny-Come-Lately telling me what I must say over the holidays. So, I will NOT be saying "Merry Christmas."  But (amongst friends... I'm not going to impose my multi-European shtick on the world), I'm not settling for a secular "Happy Holidays."

My preferred seasonal greeting, being German-American is "Fröliche Weihnachten."   (That's roughly pronounced "FRAY-lick-eh VY-nahk-ten."  It literally means "Happy Holy Nights."  If you can get it out well, my respect for you will grow.)  I will also respond to "Feliz Navidad", "Buone Natale" or "Joyeaux Noel." I'm going to add "Nollaig Chridheim"  (Scottish-Gaelic) to my lexicon, in recognition of the great amount of Scottish blood my husband and children carry.

Please do not darken my presence by trying to force a "Merry Christmas" out of me.

Thank you.

For a bit of satire on the matter:

(from the Babylon Bee website)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Media Blitzkrieg

The Koch Brothers' $$$ is backing the Meredith Corporation takeover of Time, Inc., the company that manages Time and Fortune magazines (as well as Sports Illustrated).   Yeah, that should add to balanced perspectives in reporting.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017