Monday, April 7, 2008


[This is dedicated to Beth, Anna, Andrea & Judy, none of whom blog themselves!]

As for myself, I judge the loss of all one's possessions easier to bear than the loss of a faithful friend. ---Martin Luther

Throughout life, a faithful friend is a very great blessing. . .he can offer help in ordinary dangerous difficulties, but also regarding spiritual temptations. For even though your heart is totally confirmed in the Holy Spirit, there is still a great advantage in having a friend with whom you can talk about religion and from whom you may hear words of comfort. ---Martin Luther

He that has many friends has no friends. ---AEsop


chambilkethakur said...

hi this must sound irrelevant to post.
But yes Linux is way better than M$ for zillion reasons and I can bash M$, but that is when you are discovering why is it great, not when you are sure of it.
Secure, yes if tightly configured, its impossible to hack.(please note tightly is highly subjective.)
As far as I know, those who call themselves as literate in Inida will know english for sure. We have rich british legacy here, so i feel we are as much english as anyone else, elsewhere.

chambilkethakur said...

sorry for the typo its India(should have never made that typo! huh!)