Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Children are the most delightful pledges of a loving marriage. They are the best wool on the sheep. ---Martin Luther

It is well known that children, according to the ordinary course of things, bear not only the physical appearance of their parents, but also their moral and mental characteristics. ---Martin Luther

In all simplicity, and without any argument, children believe that God is gracious and that there is an eternal life. ----Martin Luther


The Sanity Inspector said...

Marie, you may enjoy the usenet newsgroup, alt.quotations . I invite you to drop by!

C. Marie Byars said...

Thanks for stopping by. I did stop by for you!!

BIG Omi said...

I always believed that Mother's day and children's day should be enjoyed on the same day. Since is the child so is the mother...
Anyways Happy Mother's day and have a fabulous week ahead..
Tc. (Take Care)

Niharika B said...

nice post!
i helped my mum celebrate mothers' day by gifting her a book on humor,a fingernail edition of the Gita and a lovely card.
Although late,here's wishing you a Happy Mothers' Day as well!!!
do drop by my space!